Additional Resources

3D Scans

As part of this project, 3D models of various faunal and human skeletal elements were created. These models have been uploaded to the project dropbox page and under the project name OsteoID. The below link should take you to straight to the project. Morphosource allows users to view and download 3D models for free. The 3D models can then be compared to found specimens or 3D printed to make comparative collections.

Images of “Other” Skeletal Elements

The OsteoID website focuses on the skeletal elements that were measured as part of this project – primarily long bones, pelves, and scapulae. As part of this project, photographs were also taken of other skeletal elements. These images can be accessed via the Dropbox link below. Users are strictly prohibited from using any of the images in Dropbox or on the OsteoID webpage for any kind of commercial gain. Powerpoints with the images used in the current online tool are also accessible via the Dropbox link in case users need to make comparisons offline or find it easier in this format.

Data, Publications, Discriminant Functions & Decision Trees

Metric data compiled as part of this project can also be found in the Dropbox folder. You will find a file with all data by specimen, a file with all the long bone data by bone, and a file with the measurement descriptive statistics per bone and species. If using the data, please cite this website, the NIJ final report, or associated publications. Descriptive statistics may be useful in species identification. Discriminant functions and decision trees were produced to assist with human versus nonhuman classifications (Garvin et al., In Review). These models can also be found in the Dropbox Folder. Use with caution and in cases where bones have any possibility of being human, contact your local law enforcement agency.

Additional Texts and Online Resources